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About Alejandro Solano

He was born and raised in a rural area of the central Pacific of Costa Rica. He obtained his first work experiences in the Monteverde Cloud Forest, and later worked as a naturalist guide in different national parks of the National System of Protected Areas, which led him to develop a deeper interest in nature. This motivated him to study for a degree in Ecology and Sustainable Development at the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. During her career he met her partner Agustina Arcos, who would motivate him to migrate with her to Ecuador. He has lived in the country for 15 years, where he has dedicated himself to studying birds, working on sustainable development and conservation projects in various reserves managed by the Imaymana Foundation. With his field work, he has managed to gather new information on ornithology and has published nearly 50 scientific articles. His interest in ecological restoration has led him to take and organize several courses on regenerative organic agriculture, the first international course on analog forestry for trainers, and more recently the first international diploma course on organic agriculture. Since 2009 he lives and works in a reserve in the northwest of the province of Pichincha, which he manages together with his partner, and from which they have been sharing his experiences in the agroecological management of national cocoa and similar forests. food.

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