Analog forest’s contribution to biodiversity conservation; a biodiversity assessment of an analog forest on private property in the south-western wet zone of Sri Lanka (2009)

Authors: W.K.D.D. Liyanage, S.N. Gamage, L.Xulong, and J.E Burnet
Location: Bangamukanda Estate, Galle District, Sri Lanka

The publication documents the vertebrate and plant diversity in the Bangamukanda analog forest.

  • The scientists identified 23 species of freshwater fish, 25 species of serpentoid reptiles, 17 species of tetrapod reptiles, 17 species of amphibians, 90 species of birds and 34 species of mammals.
  • Critically endangered vertebrate species Philatus nemus, Polipedates longinasus, Polypedates eques, and Loris tardigradus tardigradus were also observed in the Bangamukanda analog forest
  • The study further documented 197 plant species, out of which 63 (39%) were endemic and 75 were used for medicinal purposes.
  • These results show that Bungamukanda is an analog forest with rich biodiversity, and provides a habitat for many endemic and endangered species.

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