Comparison of Soil Quality in Mono-culture Forest (Pinus caribaea), Natural Forest and Analog Forest Ecosystems: A Study in Mirahawaththa Sri Lanka (2019).

Authors: Chandana M.K.L., Yapa P.I., Senanayake F.R., and Chathuranga H.N.
Location: Belipola, Mirahawaththa, Sri Lanka

The soil quality is an important indicator of a healthy ecosystem. This short study examined and compared the soil quality (apparent density, pH, organic content, microbial diversity, and earthworm presence) among analog forest, natural forest, and monoculture forest.

  • Data showed that the soil quality in the analog forest was similar to the natural forest, while the soil quality in the monoculture forest was very poor (see Table below).
  • The authors suggest that the analog forestry system is an effective tool to restore soil quality.

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