IAFN is excited to announce the first “Inspired Innovations in Rich Forests” idea contest! Share your ideas and win prizes! IAFN is proud to work with a dynamic community of practice that implements analog forestry to restore degraded landscapes, increase biodiversity, and create market opportunities for a variety of exciting forest products. That is why we, along with our regional partners in Latin America, Africa, Asia and elsewhere have joined the Rich Forests coalition, which aims to ¨to create smarter ways to handle our natural heritage and the skills of the forest peoples….with entrepreneurial spirit.¨ Logo_RichForest_FCs Right now, the Secretariat team along with our network are brainstorming ideas on how better to improve restoration and rural livelihoods, and to link local forest products with local and global markets. We look forward to sharing some of these ideas and experiences with you in the days to come. But, as the saying goes, if you want to go fast, go alone – but if you want to go far, go together. That’s why we’re asking for your help, in the 2014 “Inspired Innovations in Rich Forests” contest. We want to know what excites you about restoration, forest products, and connecting communities for change. So:
  • Do you know of anyone who is doing exciting restoration work? Are you? We’d love to know!
  • Are you amazed by the bounty of products that can be obtained from the forests? Share your favourite story with us!
  • How can we connect sustainably produced forest products to markets? If you have an idea, let’s see how we can work on it together!
If any of these themes speaks to you, or if you’re interested in something related, let us hear your ideas! Send us a short (150-200 word) description of your big (or small!) concept to enter into our contest. See the guidelines below on how to participate: Guidelines 1. Send in your ideas on-line to participate in the 2014 Inspired Innovations in Rich Forests contest, either on our contact page or by e-mail to info@analogforestry.org. Make sure that the subject reads “2014 Inspired Innovations in Rich Forests contest” or something to that effect. 2. Your ideas can be written in English, Spanish, or French. 3. The last date for submission of your ideas will be March 15th, 2015 at 12:00 pm Costa Rica time (UTC -6). 4. We will be awarding 3 small prizes for the most engaging ideas, which, with your permission, will also be published on our blog! 5. You may apply more than once! 6. We’ll be contacting all participants with their results no later than March 22. Good luck!


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