“The list of species was made involving farmers, chestnut growers and local technicians during two workshops. The area suffered a fire in 2015, however there was substantial regrowth between the years 2016-2017. There are also areas of poor drainage and waterlogging that we have been able to partly overcome with the opening of channels and the planting of Vetiver.”

Project Details


Tambopata Tourism Corridor, Tambopata district, Tambopata province, Madre de Dios Department, Peru.

Property Extension

2.5 Acres


200 m.a.s.l

AF Starting Year


Analog Forestry Extension

1 Acre

Forest Type

Tropical Moist Forest

Projects And Objectives

Development of an Analog Forestry model prioritizing medicinal plants and Amazonian fruit trees – 30 species planted.

Our Team

The land is managed by the ARBIO organization.

In the production and planting phase, 3 people were involved. Currently, one person is in charge of maintenance.

Main Contact

Ing. Tatiana Espinosa