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Project Details


Barrio Borinquen Atravesada, Caguas, Puerto Rico (Plus Code: 4WW+FR)

Property Extension

10 Acres


460 m.a.s.l

AF Starting Year


Analog Forestry Extension

1 Acre

Forest Type

Subtropical Moist Forest

Projects And Objectives

Finca AguaViento is proposed as an educational project for those interested in acquiring “forestry skills” and immersing themselves in “forest farm to table” activities (cultivation, harvesting, preparation and consuming). Nutrient-dense crops are established to complement the Glogiewicz-Mercado family’s foods and supply the products used by vegan chef and Ayurveda nutritional counselor, Julie Mercado, in her workshops and product lines. To the extent that food production exceeds what is necessary for these purposes, other means of distribution and use will be identified.

Our Team

Two people: Jeffrey Glogiewicz and Julie Mercado

Main Contact

Jeffrey Glogiewicz

Project Details

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