Human beings and nature form a unit that cannot be separated and must be protected.

Project Details


Department of Santa Cruz, Municipality of Torno, San Luis (Km 55, Old road from Antigua to Cochabamba)

Property Extension

8 Acres


400 m.a.s.l

AF Starting Year


Analog Forestry Extension

4 Acre

Forest Type

Chiquitano forest and transition zone of amazon forest.

Projects And Objectives

Our objectives have been to establish laboratories for the production of microbial biological controllers for pest control as well as the establishment of plots of agroecological production in a harmonious relationship with the forest.

The latter has been strengthened under the design of Analog Forestry to consolidate their sustainability and at the same time enrich the presence of genetic resources, which are the inputs for the production of bioregulators and food.

We are demonstrating the contribution of forests in overall health, including nutritious food, sustainability and environmental services (water, climate regulation, and more).

Our Team

8 people are involved permanently. The land belongs to PROBIOTEC.

Main Contact

Miguel Angel Crespo Castro

Project Details

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