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About Perry Ndzefemmegho

Perry started working with AF related projects in 2007 when the organization he works for, Centre for Nursery Development and Eru Propagation (CENDEP) implemented a pilot AF project in the montane forest patches of Northwestern Cameroon with an income generating component that involved the development of the honey sector. He is interested in plot based ecological surveys, non-timber forest products value chain development (honey & Gnetum spp.,) as well as relating forest carbon to AF projects. He has sensitized and delivered AF trainings to NGOs in 4 African countries (Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi & Ghana) as well as delivered trainings on Gnetum spp domestication to countries of the Congo Basin (Gabon, CAR, Congo-Brazzaville).

Focus Areas

AF design, Watershed management, Tropical ecosystems (forests), Climate Change, NTFPs & value chain development.