English (fluent)

Sri Lanka

About Trudy

Trudy was introduced to Analog Forestry in 2012 and has since been deeply immersed in AF management and methodology. She is one of the co-managers of the Belipola Sustainability Education Center in Sri Lanka, the first Analog Forestry research and demonstration site in the world. At Belipola she plays a key role in guiding the ecological farm and coordinating learning programs.

Her professional experiences range from running organizations, designing programs for experiential education, managing a small business, working with diverse communities and teaching. Trudy’s skills include facilitation, coordination, networking, organic farming and designing ecological landscapes. She is a sustainability educator, an accredited Analog Forestry trainer, a trained and practicing permaculturalist, and a student of herbal healing. Trudy’s reverence for the forest and all its beings, stem from deep ecology and the essence of community.

Focus Areas

Ecological design, organic agriculture, composting & soil management, AF methodologies & management, tropical ecosystems, deep ecology, permaculture, sustainability education, community engagement, participatory processes