Experience of small-scale farmers in analog forestry. Extension in Cameroon: Methods. (2021)

Author: Kemkia Christian Danernyuy
Location: North-West and South-West regions of Cameroon

The study defines the most effective methods used by extension institutions to enhance and support the participation of small-scale farmers in the analog forestry program.

  • Field visits were the most successful method to engage farmers in analog forestry and involved question-answer sessions between the farmer and the extension agent. In some cases, the farmers visited demonstration sites where the extension workers explained new analog forestry techniques and innovative designs.
  • Another powerful contact method was organizing workshops and trainings; the extension workers introduced the basic analog forestry methods and concepts to the community organizations, and then organization leaders implemented workshop knowledge in their communities.
  • The extension institutions also reached out to the farmers by setting up public meetings with stakeholders and groups and discussing issues regarding analog forestry.
  • The least effective extension method (mostly due to finances) used by the analog forestry institutions was an exchange visit approach. The group leaders would visit each other's fields and would share their opinions and experiences with the analog forestry system.

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