One of the key challenges of running an international network is this: how can you translate a global scope into local results? At IAFN, we work with local partners who have impact on the ground – that is why our programs are geared toward enhancing our partners’ ability to deliver results.

In order to increase our partners’ ability to carry our capacity building activities, IAFN is carrying out a series of training-of-trainer workshops in the coming months. This will result in the expansion of our trainers’ network to include dozens of additional trainers who can apply and teach analog forestry in their local contexts.

The first such training-of-trainers event took place this past August, at the Belipola Training Centre in Mirahawatte, Sri Lanka. Many experienced participants came from around Sri Lanka, as well as a group from the Cameroonian Analog Forestry Network. This highly skilled group went through a number of exercises together, culminating with each new trainer delivering a miniature training module themselves.

With a dynamic new cohort of trainers in Sri Lanka and Cameroon, the stage is set for analog forestry practice to flourish in these two countries.

For more, please see this photo gallery from the event. A workshop report will be available shortly on the IAFN’s capacity building page.

Photo credit: Roos Nijpels

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