Analog Forestry design of the forest farms in Paragüay, Guantánamo (2013)

Authors: O. Hechavarría Kindelán, W. Toirac arguelle, A. Matos Leyva, L. Sordo Olivera, P. Villamet Pineda, V. Fuentes Utria, E. Suárez Ramos and  V. Silot Sanamé 

Location: Paragüay, Guantánamo province, Cuba

Analog forestry was introduced in Cuba in 2007, and its application was extended to 14 forest farms in Paragüay (Guantánamo province, Cuba) in early 2008. The Guantánamo province long-term suffers from high temperatures, prolonged droughts, and high soil salinity. The aim of the work was to present the analog forestry design for the restoration of 14 forest farms in the Guantánamo province. 

  • The authors ecologically evaluated and described each forest farm and created the maps and data tables with the plant species that were the most suitable to be planted
  • The implementation of the design increased the diversity of plant species in the forest farms.