Compatibility of analog forestry and conservation agriculture as strategies for the sustainable management of forest resources in Bui, NW Cameroon (2020)

Auteurs : Tsi Evaristus Angwafo, Kemkia Christian Danernyuy, et Mvo Denis Chuo

Lieu : Division de Bui, Cameroun

The survey evaluates analog forestry and conservation agriculture as alternatives for sustainable forest management.

  • Around 80% of the farmers in Bui acknowledged conservation agriculture and analog forestry to be effective tools for successful forest restoration.
  • 20.6% of the respondents reported reduced pressure on natural forests and their resources; the respondents also claimed increased species biodiversity (13.3%), successful rehabilitation of the degraded forest and forest shades (17.2%), enhanced carbon sequestration (5%), improved resource conservation (16.1%), product diversification (10%), and more shaded areas (2.2%).
  • Excessive forest exploitation (illegal hunting and cutting down trees) used to occur frequently in Bui, but diminished after Analog Forestry implementation as all necessary products (wood, food, etc.) were provided by the farmers, thus preserving the natural forest.

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