Analog Forestry Sites

The IAFN provides advice and assistance to Analog Forestry practitionners in order to implement Analog Forestry on their land, from the early stages up to the more advanced training centers.

The IAFN’s Analog Forestry Restore Fund

Community-based projects funded
of projects are led by Indigenous communities
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Key results include:

  • Community awareness raising, capacity strengthening, and mobilization on AF and ecosystem restoration;
  • Setting up education and/or demonstration sites;
  • Initial implementation of ecosystem restoration plans.

13 countries: Bolivia, Cameroon, Chile, Ecuador, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Uganda,  Zimbabwe, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay.

With the original collaboration of Both ENDS, the IAFN launched its Seed Grants Programme called Analog Forestry Restore Fund, with the aim of contributing to strengthening the implementation of  Analog Forestry (AF) across the globe. The programme has a particular emphasis on supporting women who are part of different local collectives and groups, and committed to promoting the  Analog Forestry practice,  in establishing and enriching ecosystem restorative plots in their communities.

IAFN does not only provide financial support but also monitoring and capacity strengthening expertise to local communities, particularly historically and structurally excluded communities, interested in developing resilient and regenerative forest gardens with a high diversity of species including food, medicinal plants and forest products. 

Since the launch of the program, IAFN has been supporting a variety of projects that focus on restoration of ecosystems and biological corridors (Chile, Cameroon, Honduras), training women AF promoters in restoration, soil conservation, organic fertilizers (Uganda, Nicaragua), water management and elaboration of products, food sovereignty (Zimbabwe) as well as advocacy campaigns to upscale Analog Forestry within neighboring communities (Sri Lanka) and through model farm establishment (Bolivia).  In June 2023, the Foundation Yves Rocher joined to support two additional Analog Forestry projects in Ecuador through the Seed Grants mechanism. 

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