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About Oliver Torres

Oliver Torres is Ecuadorian and has lived in Mashpi, Quito-Ecuador, since 2010. Mashpi is located in the Piedmont rain forest at 550 m.a.s.l., and is the founder of Reserva Pambiliño. Since then, he has worked in the design and implementation of analog forests, construction with bamboo and wood, supported local governments and NGOs in the design and implementation of different conservation and sustainable development policies, and other tools to strengthen education for sustainable development. His passion is to sow and observe how monoculture or degradation areas are gradually transformed into true centers of life for fauna and flora, and also for sustaining human lives. From Pambiliño, Oliver seeks to sow a seed in people so that they receive the inspiration to be more nature. “I am convinced that only in contact with nature can we recover our memory to live with it.

Focus Areas

Oliver studied Philosophy and Political Science in the United States and France. He also did a Master’s Degree in Socio-Environmental Studies at FLACSO-ECUADOR. The best school has been the Chocó Andino forest, where he is currently an instructor in Analog Forestry and other topics related to ecological restoration, conservation and landscape management. He was trained as an AF instructor in the ToT of May 2015.