Preliminary results of the analog forestry in the Guantánamo Province

Authors: W. Toirac-Arguelles, A. Matos-Leyva, V. Fuentes-Utrias, E.  Suárez- Ramos, V. Silot-Sanamé, and O.Hechavarría-Kindelán

Location: Guantánamo Valley, Paragüay, Cuba

The publication describes the initial steps of analog forestry implementation in the forest farms belonging to the Silvicultural Unit Guantánamo.

  • Each farm was divided into four structurally different zones according to the first principle of analog forestry - “Observe and Record”.
  • The researchers determined the physiognomic formula and performed the ecological evaluation of each farm according to the great guide of Analog Forestry (RIFA) instructions. An illustrative representation of collected data is shown in the figure below.
  • The analysis identified the zones with the best ecological conditions that will be prioritized at the beginning of restoration processes by using an analog forestry approach.