Spanish (fluent), English (fluent)

Costa Rica

About Adriana Pal

She is the founder of Escuela de la Jungla – Permacultura, a non-profit project that focuses on empowering and educating rural communities in Costa Rica. Adriana studied Business Administration and has worked in the eco-tourism industry for many years. After falling in love with permaculture in 2012, she started her studies in analog forestry, agroecology, and natural medicine. She has designed and taught permaculture programs for both children and adults and currently works as a permaculture consultant in several farms of the southern Nicoya Peninsula, focusing mainly on designing edible, medicinal, and productive gardens, soil regeneration, and water protection. On a personal note, since a very young age she´s had a particular passion about trees. She enjoys drawing, photographing, or simply admiring them in awe.

Focus Areas

Design of edible, medicinal and useful gardens. Composting Agroecology Medicinal plants Community Management.