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About Michael Lyonga Ngoh

Ngoh is a Biodiversity professional with a focus on flora diversity, although he has an interest in related taxa such as birds and insects, as well as aspects of ecology (e.g. plant-animal interactions such as pollination ecology). He works for Tropical Plant Exploration Group (TroPEG) – Cameroon, which is a local Cameroonian NGO. His activity as an AF promoter has been to research and gather vital information on species suitable for Analogue Forestry Systems in Cameroon, Central and West Africa. His has been instrumental in contributing to the Cameroon Analogue Forestry Network (CAFON) data base. He has a passion for creative designing and improving livelihoods, especially using AF techniques.

Focus Areas

Biodiversity High Conservation Value (HCV) Assessment; Ecosystem Restoration; Field Botanist (Taxonomist); Analogue Forestry Design; Statistical Data Analysis.