The IAFN Secretariat

The IAFN Secretariat is at the heart of the network’s management and coordination, delivering organizational, communications and administrative support to partner organizations and future and current Analog Forestry practitioners. We are a dynamic and collaborative global team, committed to community-driven ecosystems’ restoration, centered on social and gender justice. 

Maite Smet

Strategic Direction Co-Lead
(Programs and Advocacy)

Isabel Macdonald

Strategic Direction Co-Lead
(Finance and Operations)

Lorena Gamboa

Capacity Strengthening and Relations Coordinator

Lubica Bogantes

Capacity Building

Virginie Dezetter

Communications Officer

Sharada Ramadass

IAFN Asia Coordinator

The IAFN Board of Directors

The IAFN Board serves as a strategic and collaborative force, driving IAFN towards its mission and vision. Our board members have profound knowledge and interest in ecosystem restoration practices and are committed to upholding principles of equity and justice. They serve as ambassadors to the network, representing the values and mission of IAFN and provide leadership, guidance and expertise to the Secretariat and network partner organizations.