Rediscovering The Country from SheOaks Films on Vimeo.

“I don’t think that there is enough money in the world to fix the environmental challenges that we face unless the people who live in the spaces on the planet are mobilised and engaged. We cannot do it without their help because they live in each catchment, in each river valley, on each plateau and in each desert.”

–Victoria Mack, Secretariat for International Landcare

The Ballarat Region Treegrowers is happy to announce the online release of the new documentary Rediscovering the Country, produced by She Oaks Films, which can be viewed at The theme of “Rediscovering the Country” is the importance of transforming rural landscapes through revegetation for environmental and economic benefits. Community collaboration needs to be at the heart of this transformation. The film presents some of the revegetation projects being conducted in south-east Australia and the regenerative agriculture/analog forestry activities in Sri Lanka. It contains interviews of farmers and landowners, academics, Landcare proponents, as well as promoters and practitioners of analog forestry/regenerative agriculture.

The aim of “Rediscovering the Country” is to strengthen community support for the improved management of rural lands by increasing awareness within rural and urban communities of how revegetation and integration of biologically rich and commercially valuable plantings into farming operations can help tackle land management problems and contribute to rural communities.

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