Building Networks

We are a dynamic network that constantly grows and evolves, as ecosystems do.



Since its establishment, the International Analog Forestry Network has been collaborating with rural and Indigenous women and girls across the Global South, supporting them to become advocates and practitioners of Analog Forestry within their communities. A significant portion of the women we engage with are active members of community-based organizations at the forefront of collective efforts to champion environmental, social, and gender justice for their communities and territories. Additionally, they are driving initiatives for ecosystem restoration and the adoption/re-integration of agroecological practices, actively contributing to the natural cycles of regeneration in our planet. Their dedication is not only supporting the Earth’s natural cycles of regeneration, but also enhancing their communities’ resilience in the face of the ongoing and ever-deepening climate crisis.


The International Analog Forestry Network reaches across more than 20 countries around the world, and is currently formed by 22 partner organizations. We place a strong emphasis on fostering a participatory governance structure, centered on the equal and active engagement of our partner organizations. We believe our partners have a vital role to play in shaping and executing our strategic initiatives and programmatic endeavors.

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Analog Forestry is a community-led, climate-just restorative practice, centered on equity and care.

With the support of our partner organizations, allies, trainers and promoters network, the IAFN is constantly building collective awareness and strengthening advocacy at local, national and international levels, to support the resourcing and adoption of Analog Forestry as a gender-just climate solution, that ensures critical ecosystems defense and restoration, centered on principles of equity and care for people and planet. Get to know some of our actions and campaigns below:

Collective transition towards a socio-ecological reality

The virtual Series "Collective transition towards a socio-ecological reality" was organized with the IAFN, Regenerativa Chile and the Ecuadorian Analog Forestry Network (REFA).

International Day against Monoculture Tree Plantations

IAFN takes a stand for restoration practices that center on care and equity for communities and ecosystem diversity to become a priority. The expansion of large monocrop plantations that benefit few interests and have detrimental impacts on local populations has to stop.

Listen up! Rural Women, Voices of Resilience

Without rural women’s secure land tenure, there is no climate justice! Read more in our position paper and social media campaign supporting voices of women on the frontlines.