Spanish (fluent), English (intermediate)


About Nestor Pino

Nestor lives in the province of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Ecuador, he is 40 years old, by profession Agronomist and Haute Cuisine Chef, due to health situations he changed his diet and learned to use Non-Conventional Food Plants (PANCS), using organic agriculture for the elaborations of the Menus. In the kitchen Nestor learned that colors, textures and aromas are very important; and he extracts essential oil from various species of the analog forest, and advises various farmers on different crops that grow within the forest such as: cocoa, cardamom, vanilla, PANCS. Of all the species, Nestor is very fond of bamboos because he knows that they are very versatile for the menu of humans, animals, kitchen utensils, extracts to nourish other plants, to build furniture, infrastructures, to make paper, to do bio-construction. Nestor firmly believes that Analog Forestry should be promoted and implemented in existing agricultural systems.

Focus Areas

Beekeeping, PANCS, robotics applied to agriculture, nursery management, holistic cooking, water management, sustainable agriculture, composting, analog forestry design, clean energy, medicinal plants, genetic improvement in plants and animals.