GAGGA was launched in 2016 as a consortium led by Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres, based in Central America, in collaboration with Mama Cash and Both ENDS, both based in the Netherland.

 It is also a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands under their Power of Voices programme. GAGGA partners with WEDO,, Global Greengrants Fund (GGF) and Prospera – International Network of Women Funds, as strategic allies, to develop and offer insights into the importance of resourcing women’s rights and climate justice.

Both ENDS is an independent non-governmental organisation that works towards a sustainable future for our planet. Both ENDS does this by identifying and strengthening civil society organisations, mostly in the “Global South,” that come up with sustainable and fair solutions for environmental and human rights issues.

GAGGA, Both ENDS and the IAFN

Our work with GAGGA and Both ENDS focuses on Women Leading Transformative Actions with Analog Forestry as a Feminist Climate Solution and Climate Resilient Practice. Together we created the Analog Forestry Restore Fund; we train a network of AF trainers and promoters in Latin America and the Carribean, Africa and Asia; we strengthen the capacities of women-led community-based organisations; we build evidence of the positive impact of AF; and collectively create advocacy campaigns showing Analog Forestry as a gender-just climate solution.



Gender Just Climate Solution Scale Fund (WEDO)

The GJCS Scale Fund builds on decades of feminist mobilising for climate solutions to provide access to direct funding opportunities for solutions to scale up current programming and offers technical assistance to address institutional capacity, such as proposal writing and developing communications materials

In 2015, the Women and Gender Constituency launched the Gender Just Climate Solutions (GJCS) to establish a platform to showcase, amplify and scale gender-responsive transformative climate initiatives. The locally driven solutions elevated by the GJCS promote democracy, making gender equality and women’s rights central to just climate action. The GJCS invites all types of activists,
grassroots and women-led organisations and groups working on issues related to climate change from all over the world are encouraged to apply. Launched in 2021 at the Generation Equality Forum, the Gender Just Climate Solutions Scale Fund supports the scaling, replication and ambition of gender just climate solutions globally. With pooled resources from women’s rights organisations and groups, this is a re-grant collective building from decades of ongoing feminist mobilising for climate solutions. The Scale Fund aims to support a range of activities driven forward by feminists within the broader landscape of the GJCS, including supporting previous GJCS awardees and honorees as well as feminist solutions that may not have applied before.

The International Analog Forestry Network (IAFN) Scale Fund project has supported IAFN to build our evidence base for gender-just climate regenerative action by strengthening the evidence base on the ecological, social and economic contributions of AF for women, local  communities and for the defense, restoration and regeneration of their ecosystems.
We are currently collaborating to collectively  develop and validate a  process for a common reference framework, with the aim of providing a holistic understanding of the ecological, social, gender justice and economic contributions of Analog Forestry to local communities and their ecosystems. With the support of AF trainers across Africa, Asia and Latin America, we collect and systematize the results of existing AF experiences, based on an initial mapping of all AF sites and then the application of the common reference framework. We identify with the secretariat, board, allies, trainers and AF practitioners across Asia, Africa and Latin America, the best way to present and visualize the data collected to ensure that information can be shared and in turn accessed easily.


The Yves Rocher Foundation was born out of a family desire to give back to the plant world part of what we owe it. From the beginning, from the village of La Gacilly in France, and now all over the world, its vocation has been to commit to biodiversity. It is based on the strong belief that individuals can change the world.

More specifically, the president of the Yves Rocher Foundation, Mr. Jacques Rocher has involved the Foundation since 2007 in planting trees. At the end of 2020, the Foundation succeeded in reaching the goal of 100 million trees and as part of a new initiative: Plant for Life, the plantings will continue.
Yves Rocher Foundation & the IAFN
In June 2023, the Foundation Yves Rocher joined to support two additional Analog Forestry projects in Ecuador through the Seed Grants mechanism.
The alliance between the IAFN and the Yves Rocher Foundation started with the goal of supporting one advanced AF project and one initial AF project in Ecuador through the Seed Grants Programme  IAFN and the Ecuadorian Analog Forestry Network (REFA); collect and share evidence on the social, ecological and economic contributions of AF through the supported projects; and strengthen REFA as a reference organization for ecosystem restoration in Ecuador.