Revalue life and reconnect with the care of the land, water and biodiversity.

Project Details


Paraguay, Departamento Itapúa, Municipio de Carlos Antonio López, Barrio Santa Clara de Asís

Property Extension

12.5 Acres


227 m.a.s.l

AF Starting Year


Analog Forestry Extension

2100 m²

Forest Type

Atlantic Forest of Alto Paraná.

High Forest – Subtropical Forest

Projects And Objectives

The project has the vision of rescuing and restoring the biocultural memory contained in peasant family farming, based on practical applications of agrobiodiversity, agroecological principles and the design and practical application of ecological restoration from the vision of functionalism. With this, it will be possible to resume the production of useful goods and services for society and counteract the negative effects that business agriculture has generated on ecosystems and their components.

On this basis, analog forestry designs are aimed at restoring provision and regulation ecosystem services by establishing experimental plots that can serve as an example for other farms with similar characteristics:

– In the short and medium term, the aim is to produce goods for family consumption and for the market, particularly agrobiodiversity, fruit and medicinal species.

– In the long term, the aim is to restore soil quality, water retention and other ecosystem services and the diversity of native tree and shrub species, especially those whose population is threatened due to the exploitation and degradation of ecosystems.

Our Team

Around 11 people participate (including those who carry out maintenance work).

The farm is family owned, but most of the area has been allocated to the establishment of experimental plots of FIRE PARAGUAY in which various studies are carried out and in the medium term it intends to become training spaces for young and old, women and men, farmers and technicians. , among others.

Main Contact

Ana Soteras