Proposal of reforestation of the El Palmar farm belonging to the municipality of Pinar del Rio via analog forestry method.

Authors: Yoan Suárez Toledo and Yuliany Pacheco Correa

Location: El Palmar, Pinar del Río, Cuba

El Palmar is a former tobacco monoculture farm with a high level of deforestation. The aim of the study was to propose a design for the restoration of El Palmar farm using the analog forest methodology.

  • The methods used in the study were (a) surveys and interviews with the farmer, his family, and the neighbors; (b) observation of the environment and climate conditions; (c) analysis of soil quality
  • The ecological evaluation revealed very little presence of fauna, weak productivity, and insufficient plant residue decomposition. The highest values were documented for the structure and the soil bulk density.
  • The authors selected the most suitable species to be planted at the farm: forest species Hibiscus elatus Sw. and Eucalyptus sp.; fruit species Pouteria manmosa and Persea americana Mill.; species for auto-consumption Cucurbita pepo and Citrullus vulgaris Schrad; for medicinal purposes Aloe vera and Petiveria allioscea.