About Me

Fiona Dragstra has a diverse background in human rights, social movement and environmental justice work. During her studies in Political Communication (University of Amsterdam) and African Politics (McGill University and Leiden University), she has done extensive research on social youth movements and elections in Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Senegal, Chad and Niger. In her previous role at Both ENDS, Fiona has worked with farmers organisations, CSOs and communities to advance regenerative agricultural methods, like Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) across the Sahel, and with IAFN partners in Togo, Cameroon and Uganda. Fiona currently leads the WageIndicator Foundation, a global non-profit research organisation that aims to improve labour market transparency by collecting and sharing wage, cost of living and legal information with workers, trade unions, employers and policy makers. To IAFN, she brings her network across the world of like-minded organisations, and will connect her work at WageIndicator on Living Wages and Living Income with the practice of Analog Forestry.