Sinhala (fluent), English (fluent)

Sri Lanka

About H.P. Thamindu Sandaruwant

Thamindu studied Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management (BSc) at the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka and Forestry and Environmental Management (MSc) at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. Successfully completed NextGENOA Ecovillage Design education program at Udon Thani, Thailand (Gaia) as well as completed an Analog Forestry Design program. He has put into practice his own Analog Forestry model in the southern part of Sri Lanka, maintaining an organic fruit and spice garden implementing agriculural practices as an organic farmer. Thamindu worked with the Belipola Sustainability Education Center as a Naturalist and did community organic farming activities, ecosystem conservation and restoration programs engaging with local and foreign visitors. He completed a detailed data base for the Belipola Analog Forestry Arboretum. He also worked for Rain Forest Rescue International Sri Lanka as a Naturalist, doing research and publishing on the flora and fauna species of Belipola Arboretum. He is a technical leader for the Good Market PGS Organic farming certification and as an environment safeguard officer, he contributes to evaluating and preparing reports for initial environment impact assessment and also helps to create environmental management plans to protect the environment during development activities. A member of NextGEN Oceania and Asia group, he leads volunteering programs for local communities.

Focus Areas

Organic farming, species identification, biodiversity conservation and habitat recreation, watershed management, landscape designing, Analog forestry, consumer awareness, waste management.