Costa Rica

About Isabel

Born in Haiti and having lived in Martinique, Honduras and Nicaragua as a child and teenager, Costa Rica became Isabel´s home 27 years ago. Exposed to the love of trees by her father, her first involvement with conservation was organizing two reforestation brigades with volunteers from the United States to Leon, Nicaragua in the mid 80s.

Education & Experience

Soon after obtaining a degree in Latin American studies, Isabel served as Director of the Costa Rican Federation of Environmental Groups (FECON) for 7 years, as well as local coordinator for Lighthawk, a program that offered aerial monitoring to environmental and government ministries in Central America. A transition into human rights and peace work was offered at the San José Quaker Peace Center, where she became coordinator for 5 years and where she currently participates as a member. As the Secretariat grows and assumes more responsibility with its partners and continues to advance analog forestry to a broader audience, Isabel is supporting IAFN´s administrative and financial obligations in order to ensure our networks sustainability.