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Costa Rica

About José Pablo Fernández Quirós

José Pablo has ten years of experience as a nature tourism guide, offering his services as an interpreter of nature in tropical forests and mangroves, and as a facilitator of environmental education and awareness-raising activities for young people in rural Costa Rican communities. Since 2009 he also works as a designer of ecological landscapes and permaculture systems, and as a permaculture instructor. . He currently offers talks and workshops through the Costa Rican permaculture network (Red Permanezca). He was responsible for sustainability, environmental education and management of volunteer programs at La Flor Agroecological Farm for two years.

Focus Areas

Payments for environmental services, GIS, development of maps and designs, land use and soil conservation, workshops in rural areas, meaDesign of sustainable urban and rural projects, design and implementation of edible gardens, edible forests and gardens to provide habitat for wild fauna, communicator, educator and facilitator of social dynamics.surement of biomass and carbon in secondary forests