Costa Rica

About Lubica

Born in Slovakia, Lubica has always had a strong passion for traveling and exploring new cultures and natural landscapes through her studies and work. After gaining a Law Degree in Czech Republic, she moved to Germany and Switzerland to support international NGOs, such as the World Future Council in sustainable development projects and promotion of environmental policies for future generations.

Education & Experience

This support experience opened her heart for forest protection and restoration. A desire to get a deeper grassroot experience took her to Costa Rica, a country praised for its biodiversity conservation, where Lubica shared her legal and project management skills with the National Agroforesty Union for 2 years.

After completing the volunteer service sponsored by the German Ministry, Lubica moved to People in Need’s Regional Office in San José to manage human rights and civil society empowerment projects in Central America.

Currently, Lubica is coordinating Lobby and Advocacy at the IAFN, as part of the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action. Her vision is to show that forest restoration and analog forestry are successful and sustainable only when women play a central role and their rights are respected.