About Maite

Maite Smet (she/her) is an eco-feminist political scientist who has worked for over twelve years with civil society organizations and social movements across the globe. Her works spans local, national and international levels, addressing the interconnections between gender, environmental and climate justice.

In recent years, Maite has intentionally focused her work on promoting ecosystem restoration and regeneration. She is committed to contributing to existing and new paradigms that foster balanced and regenerative co-existence with the territories we inhabit, in a just way for all people and our planet.

Maite is based in Santiago, Chile.

Education & Experience

Maite holds a MSc in Public Policy and Human Development from Maastricht University/United Nations University from the Netherlands and a Combined Bachelor’s degree in International Business, Political Science and Languages from the University of Sydney, Australia.

Maite worked for more than six years as the Coordinator of the Global Alliance fore Green and Gender Action (GAGGA). Prior to that she supported different multilateral and bilateral institutions in project- and grants-management roles.

In addition to her work with IAFN, Maite also collaborates with Fundación Regenerativa, a non-profit organization, dedicated to linking, promoting, and expanding the regeneration of ecosystems and territories across Chile.