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About Nicanor Mejía

Nicanor Mejía, Ecuadorian, forestry engineer by profession, graduated in 2018. Interested in tree taxonomy and ecosystem restoration. He has worked on conservation issues since 2015, with different organizations such as Mindo Cloudforest Foundation, KEK-Karlsruher Energie- und Klimaschutzagentur, Red Ecuatoriana de Forestería Análoga, Condesan, Fundación Futuro, among others. Among the main projects are:

  • Identification and monitoring of seed trees in the Northwest of Pichincha.
  • Collection of native tree seeds.
  • Trainer in tree identification workshops
  • Description of Capparidastrum estrellae, a new species from northwestern Ecuador.
  • Trainer in native tree nurseries
  • Classification of botanical samples and management of the database of the National Forest Evaluation of Ecuador
  • Evaluation of the populations of Swietenia macrophylla and Cedrela sp in the Ecuadorian Amazon

He has also participated directly and indirectly in the production, planning, establishment and maintenance of approximately one million native trees.

Focus Areas