Sinhala (fluent), English (fluent)

Sri Lanka

About Nuwan Bandara Ekanayaken

Nuwan was an Analog Forestry designer before his accreditation as a PGS -FGP Standards Inspector in 2021. He is known in the industry for his contribution towards uplifting Sri Lankan organic farming standards at the grass root levels, being a technical committee member and a field inspector for Good Market PGS Certification and by being a consultant for many projects. Soon after completing his degree in BSc. Agricultural Sciences & Management at Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, he entered the corporate world. Since his undergraduate days his passion made him engage in many projects and he was involved in different segments of the sustainable agricultural value chain of Sri Lanka. Presently he is employed as an independent agriculture and sustainability project developer and a consultant while refining his expertise in traditional medicine, carbon quantification, agricultural product diversification and sustainable farming systems.

Focus Areas

Facilitation and Training, Eco innovations, Sustainable agribusiness solutions, Sustainable agricultural projects/ Women livelihood development projects, Waste Management, Youth Education, Earth Restoration, Art and Music, Spiritual Discussions.