About Sharada

Her diverse range of interests is showcased through her work in diverse landscapes and its biodiversity ranging from field research to communication and outreach – on urban lakes/wetlands, avenue trees and parks; forests ecosystems to grasslands. Her lifelong passion for nature, its conservation grounded in observation, found her working with the community on urban wetland restoration in her neighborhood; her strength as an outreach communicator for ecology and conservation, has been the backbone for all her nature walks, outdoor explorations and ecological inquiry-based events she conducts for adults and children; a role she continues to play as an nature educator. She has worked with NGOs, forest department and universities on various projects relating to expertise on ecological field estimation, data analysis, ecosystem services, nature education and outreach, conflict and coexistence, to name a few.

She loves being in the outdoors, whether it is working on the land, farming, hiking, or simply walking, observing plants and animals, and documenting nature and ecological behavior. She integrates multi-sensory perceptions into ecology as a richer medium of expression and assimilation. Her constant foray into nature has allowed her to develop a keen understanding of local ecology and how to bring it to the masses. She is an eager ‘learner for life’, constantly dabbling in deeper understanding of the natural world and the science and philosophy behind it.

Her strong belief in sustainable living practices finds her integrating organic farming, nature conservation, music and art, stray animal rescue and rehabilitation, yoga and taichi towards wellness and care for self and the earth. She has lived across India picking up multiple languages, cultures and cuisines. She currently lives in the south of TamilNadu, working on restoring a piece of degraded land to live off of, in a sustainable and ecologically conscious manner that is rooted in coexistence and respect for all life on earth.

Education & Experience

Sharada Ramadass is passionate about nature, and recalls being out and about, observing the amazing natural world around us, even as a toddler. A basic degree in Computer Science Engineering was followed by work experience at IBM on systems software for over 9 years across databases, operating systems and open-source systems. While she still enjoys the analytical aspects of technology, she soon switched into her childhood calling in ecology and conservation. A late Masters in Environmental Resource Management solidified her move into the domain of ecological conservation and sustainability in the face of climate change.