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Sri Lanka

About Sion

Sion is a big picture systems thinker. He has the capacity to bring observations about flows and relationships within systems into a deeper understanding of how individual parts compliment the whole. Sion enjoys the challenge of working with plants, especially sweet and sour fruits. But more so, he enjoys sharing ideas with others and seeing how with the right tools and effort, good design can solve any challenge. At the heart of it, he is an educator and works to recognize and support the skills and interests of others as we collectively move towards bringing this planet back into its abundance. Sion was educated in Permaculture before finding Analog Forestry and he seeks to create synergies and synthesis from both design paradigms. He has also earned two degrees in Sustainability and Sustainability Education from Portland State University. He was the co-manager of Belipola Sustainability Education Center in Sri Lanka for 3 years.

Focus Areas