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About Victor Mena

Victor is an Agroforestry Engineer with a Master’s degree in Tropical Agroforestry. He has been a professor and researcher for the Agroforestry Engineering Program at the Technological University of Chocó, Colombia for 15 years and is the leader of the Agroforestry Research Group of the Chocó Humid Tropic (AGROTROPICO). As a professor, he has trained more than 300 students in Analog Forestry, as a researcher, he has participated in development projects among others in the implementation of Agroforestry Systems (SAF) and quantification of carbon fixation and storage in forests. He is currently formulating a project for the implementation of 100 hectares of analog forests as a strategy for the recovery of areas degraded by mining and for biodiversity conservation.

Focus Areas

Agroforestry and ecosystem services