Vertebrate fauna of Morankanda-Mukalana secondary forest patch in Sri Lanka: A checklist reported from 2004-2008 survey (2015)

Author: Hareschandra Bandula Jayaneththi
Location: Morankanda Estate, Galle District, Sri Lanka

The survey maps the vertebrate species in Morankanda secondary forest, which was partially transformed into an analog forest in 2004.

  • The researchers identified 9 freshwater species, 14 species of amphibians, 26 mammalian species, a total of 43 reptile species (20 tetrapods and 23 serpentoids), and 112 bird species.
  • Animal hunting, illegal sand mining, illegal cultivation, poaching, slope land clearing, and uncontrolled use of fertilizers and pesticides were the major environmental problems observed in Morankanda
  • The study was carried out between 2004-2008, and initial data will be used to evaluate the contribution of analog forestry application to Morankanda forest’s biodiversity.

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