The International Analog Forestry Network (IAFN) delivered an introductory workshop on analog forestry and ecological restoration with representatives of the Foundation for the Development of the Central Volcanic Range (FUNDECOR) in the Finca Fila Marucha, hosted by Milo Bekins-Faries of the Analog Forests Training Centre (CCBA).

During a two-day workshop in August, members of the IAFN gave presentations to representatives of FUNDECOR, on topics such as analog forestry (AF), AF physiognomic formula, on non-timber forest products and their connection with the market, among other topics. The presentations were complemented with field exercises within the farm.

The driving idea behind the workshop was to introduce and standardize theoretical and practical knowledge about analog forestry. This property was the perfect site to carry out such a training event.


At Finca Fila Marucha, in Costa Rica, native plant species grow alongside plants of economic value from various locations around the world: Indonesian nutmeg as well as ylang-ylang from the Pacific Islands grow beside pejibayes and vanilla, which is native to Mexico.

The practical and convivial focus of the trainings that are delivered by IAFN is vital to exchange direct knowledge related to the ecological restoration of the planet’s life support systems, which is the essence of analog forestry.

This workshop begins a valuable two-year collaboration between FUNDECOR and IAFN in the Maquenque region of northern Costa Rica.



Monzerrath Rivera, Gabriel Villalta, Jose Humberto Arguedas, Pedro Zuñiga Mora


Maria Celeste López, Kabir Dickinson, Milo Bekins-Faries, Carlos Bejarano.

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